Kim Brasure, NP-C

Is Latisse Right for You?

Hypotrichosis, otherwise known as the cause of inadequate lashes, is a condition that can be effectively rectified by Latisse. The prescription treatment darkens and lengthens lashes, making them look and feel fuller.

How Does It Work?

Once prescribed by a doctor, apply a small dose of Latisse each night to the area where the lashes meet the upper eyelids. The first indicator that Latisse has started to work is an increase in the eyelash length. After about two months, thickness and darkness begin to develop, creating a change that many patients find to be satisfactory. Patients are encouraged to keep applying Latisse for another two months, as the best results develop by Week 16.

The Effectiveness of Latisse

During a clinical study, 278 participants were given Latisse or a placebo. Ultimately, the study revealed that 78% of patients using Latisse experienced a significant increase in eyelash length, darkness and fullness.

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